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CMO CONTEST – 2018 - The Meeting Between Sponsor MM Mega Market Vietnam With Students and Contestants TOP 32

“Itinerary looking for talented Marketers 2018” with the aim at opening a place for knowledge exchange and opportunity for students to be experienced Marketing issues in reality. Throughout the previous several pharses, contestants will gradually improve, not only in knowledge but also in mastering crucial skills, and students will have an enviroment to nuture passion and creativity. To achieve these goals, it can’t be done without the support of company sponsor. In this year contest, the organization committee welcomes MM Mega Market Vietnam Company to bring business issues to the contest. Due to this reason, on 27th April, 2018, at 9 a.m., in 6B Conference room of Ton Duc Thang University, the meeting was held between MM Mega Market Vietnam and students, contestants. The meeting has the participation from:

  • Co-organizer:

- Ass.Prof Vo Thi Quy, Academic Manager, SMEI Vietnam

  • Representative of Board of Examiners

- Mr Hoang Kim Chuong, Vice Manager Nguyen Vu Furniture Joint stock Company

  • Main Sponsor:

- Khun (Ms). Punthila Puripreecha, Operation Director – MM Mega Market Vietnam;

- Khun (Mr) Surapong Chanpum – MM Mega Market Vietnam;

- Mr Dinh Quang Khôi, TP. Marketing - MM Mega Market;

- Mrs./Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy, TP. Marketing - B’s Mart

  • Organizer – Ton  Duc Thang University:

- Dr. Pham Thi Minh Ly, Dean of Faculty of Business Administration 

- Mr. Nguyen Trung Dinh, Manager of Company & Alumni Support Center;

- Le Thi Thuy Phuong (MBA), Head of Marketing Department

- Students and 32 contestant teams

          To open the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Trung Dinh – Representative of Ton Duc Thang University and Ass. Prof. Vo Thi Quy – Representative for Co-organizer have given opening speech and deeply thanks to main sponsor MM Mega Market. Then, Ms Punthila Puripreecha – CEO – MM Mega Market Vietnam Company has introduced about operations of distribution center MM Mega Market and convenience stores B’s mart. This is important and helpful information that almost students care in order to have a more overall about the company, and by that it helps students have a chance to find out more about the operations of MNCs, especially in retail industry and modern consumption trend, to help not only students but also contestant teams to form idea applying in reality to solve firm issues in next pharses.

          In order to add more motivation as well as information sharing about retail market nowadays, Mr. Dinh Quang Khoi – TP Marketing, MM Mega Market Vietnam has enthusiastically exchanged and shared with contestant teams.

          The meeting between MM Mega Market and TDTU students has been sucessfully held. The co-operation between company and organizer have contributed to the contest as the first orientation: Create opportunity for contestant to be experienced marketing issues occuring in reality.

Some pictures in this event

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