Tourism and Hospitality Management


Learning and obtaining a VTOS accreditation certificate is an important point in our four-year training program. The VTOS standard has been approved by the Tourism Certification Board (VTCB), which will provide occupational certificates covering all major occupations in the hotel, tourism and travel industry. The VTCB certificate is a form of recognition of the professional skill level of a particular profession in Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel Management. It identifies the working capacity of the employees in relation to the requirements.

In addition, our Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality (high-quality program) students might have the opportunity to practice at five-star hotels of the world's leading hotel management groups, visits, domestic and foreign tours, seminars, talk shows with leading industry experts, summer camp scholarships, international student exchange programs. Students can experience one semester at the prestigious universities which is currently associated with Ton Duc Thang University to develop them in three areas: study, practice and research. In addition, the communication skills, especially the English language is extremely important which enables students to work and integrate deeply into the professional working environment.


Our business administration faculty provides students as follow:

• International qualification examination;

• International development short courses;

• 50% of major subjects will be taught in English;

• Participating in seminars and workshops;

• Language and soft skills training;

• Small class size benefits;

• Study with professors who have intense experiences in their teaching and research; senior management lecturers in their fields from leading domestic and foreign enterprises in Vietnam. In particular, vocational trainers are recognized as qualified trainers of VTOS;

• Participating in professional activities through specialized contests, seminars, and workshops.


Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Management

Course code: F7340101N

Program type: High-quality

Duration: 4 years

Mode: Full-time

Our program is structured to allow students to supplement specialized studies in marketing in 8 semesters to suit their career or personal development goals.

The program consists of 142 credits as follow.

In addition, some vocational certificates have been designed into the curriculum, students should learn and take exams for the VTOS certificates which are extremely valuable to get a job in the future.

International student exchange program is compulsory for high-quality program’s students which will be held in the fifth or sixth semesters. Expected tuition fee: 30 million dong (excluding airfare and living expenses)

National Defense program is uniquely designed for our students which not only experience life in the Army but also help them boost the self-confidence.


Our Bachelor of Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Management) graduates possess the following knowledge and skills:

VTOS Certificate issued by the Board of Certification of Tourism VTCB.

Computer skills: International MOS Certificate (750 points); Proficient in applied computing in the workplace;

Foreign language skills: IELTS 5.5 (other international equivalent certificates)

Soft skills: Empathy and emotional intelligence; teamwork; stress and time management; problem-solving; strategy and innovation;


Thanks to professional knowledge and skills, foreign language ability, social understanding, and experience opportunities, our students can confidently undertake the following positions:

  • Middle management level (Supervisor) at departments, hotels, resort, amusement parks in Vietnam and other countries;
  • Market research specialists, customer analysis at leading market research companies in Vietnam and other countries;
  • Sale management at consumer goods companies, retail companies, foreign business groups and large enterprises in Vietnam and other countries;
  • Brand specialists, brand managers, managers, event organizers in Vietnam and other countries;
  • Digital marketing specialists, global digital marketing programs.




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