The Faculty of Business Administration was separated from the Faculty of Economics on March 15, 2006 according to Decision No. 101 / TDT-TCNS dated March 2, 2006. The Faculty of Economics,  9-year establishment was the largest faculty in all aspects and has been creating a number of highly-regarded programs and activities regarding research, teaching, international co-operation. Following that tradition, the Faculty of Business Administration at Ton Duc Thang University has always been a trustworthy educational and academic hub for teaching and researching and is the best choice for most students in all regions of Vietnam. Students of Faculty of Business Administration are obtaining the appreciation from the labour market. Their knowledge and skills are qualified for most careers' requirements. Faculty of Business Administration offers undergraduate and graduate studies and every curriculum is designed with an integration of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences throughout the period of study. Please refer to the list of academic programs below for more details.

  1. Standard Program: taught and learnt in 100% Vietnamese.
  2. High-quality Program: taught and learnt in  Vietnamese and English.
  3. Program: taught and learnt in 100% English
  4. Campus Transfer Program.
  1. Master of Business Administration 
  2. Doctoral in Business Administration 


Faculty of Business
Administration, Ton Duc Thang
19 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline : + 84 28 37755067