Standard Program – taught and learnt in Vietnamese

International Business _ Major code: 7340120

Duration of study:       4 YEARS

Bachelor of International Business

1. Introduction:

International business is an area that has received much attention nowadays especially in the context of Vietnam joining many trade organizations, regional and world economic alliances. This field of study will provide learners with general knowledge of business administration and professional knowledge in international business areas such as international trade, logistics and international transport, international payment and international marketing, international business strategic planning and global supply chain management…

Teaching staffs are rich in practical experience and research. Specialized modules are practically taught at the enterprise, in real business environment.

Graduating from International Business - Standard program, students will gain the following knowledge and skills:

Informatics skills: International MOS computer certification (750 points); Proficiently utilizing applied informatics at work; Foreign language skills: IELTS 5.0 (other equivalent international English certificates); Soft skills: Self-study skill, independent research skill, systematically collecting management science skill; Negotiation, presentation, report writting, presenting and defending research results skills; Teamwork skill, research activities organization and management at work units skill; Professional knowledge and professional skills.

2. Career prospects

International business graduates can work at: multinational corporations, market research organizations, professional associations, trade promotion centers, universities in the field of international business sector…

Specifically, students have opportunities to be recruited for the following positions: export and import specialists; Logistics management specialist; Freight forwarders, International payment specialists. Students are eligible to work in a global environment and qualified to take on important functional positions in an international business environment.

The ability to collect, analyze, evaluate business data and use information effectively; Human resource management skills in the global integrated environment; Having professional skills in freight forwarding, import and export; Basic knowledge of scientific methodology in general management and international business management in particular; Ability to apply theories to solve practical business and management issues;


Marketing _ Major code: 7340115

Duration of study:       4 YEARS

Bachelor of Marketing

1. Introduction

Apply in-depth knowledge of marketing into market research, analyzing consumer behavior and developing business marketing plans; Understand and apply basic accounting principles, methods and regulations for cost analysis, product pricing and decision making in a number of production and business situations; Comprehend methods of researching, collecting, processing and analyzing data, explaining research issues and proposing solutions related to research topics.

Bachelor of Marketing program provides the basic knowledge of Marketing and required professional skills to apply flexibly and creatively to an online and offline Marketing activity in organizations and businesses. Students will gain hands-on experience through corporate internships, projects,specialized seminars and professional practices at the University through clubs and PR activities organized by the University.

Graduating from Marketing – Standard program, students will gain the following knowledge and skills:

Apply principles of management and marketing into the total business operation management and marketing activities in particular; Possess a system of fundamental and contemporary marketing knowledge including: market research, building and developing customer relationships, product distribution planning, product distribution organization, product pricing, brand promotion, event organization, online and offline marketing, satisfy desire of consumers and social media;…

 2. Career prospects

Marketing graduates can work as:

Specialists at companies operating in online and offline marketing; Market research specialist; Expert in customer care and public relations; Brand development and management specialist; Teaching, researching on Marketing Management, Marketing,…


Business Administration – Major in Hospitality Management_ Major code: 7340101N

Duration of study:       4 YEARS

Hospitality Management

1. Introduction

The standard program, which meets international standards, helps students to be confident and highly adaptable in today's dynamic and integrated working environment. Students are given opportunities to practice in modern, well-equipped restaurant and hotel simulation rooms at the University and at big hotel, restaurants in popular tourist cities. Students are equipped with knowledge, in parallel with basic and intensive competencies in practice, methods of handling situations and decision making, management techniques, professional skills in business in particular and in the economy in general.

Graduating from Business Administration (majoring in Hospitality Management), students will gain the following knowledge and skills:

Informatics skills: International MOS computer certification (750 points); Proficiently utilizing applied informatics at work.

Foreign language skills: IELTS 5.0 (other equivalent international English certificates).

Soft skills: Communication skill; Effective learning methods; Teamwork skill; Writing and presentation skills; Time management skills; Negotiation skills in international business.

Professional knowledge and professional skills:

Understand the trend, development and customers’ needs of hospitality industry in Vietnam and worldwide;

Have a solid knowledge and proficient implementation of customer service processes; Build work process for each department; Acquire knowledge of marketing activities, revenue management, human resource management in restaurants, hotels and other accommodation businesses; Acquire knowledge and proficiency in using specialized equipment and softwares used in Hospitality industry, for example Opera (PMS), Micros (POS); Plan and establish business plan for hotel, restaurant, amusement and entertainment businesses; Manage and operate daily activities of hotels, restaurants, amusement and entertainment businesses; Apply analytics and evaluation skills in the business environment of hotels, restaurants, amusement and entertainment; Analyze and predict the trends and requirements of different customer groups; Able to identify problems, define issues and solve problems in the economic sector in general and Hostpitality industry in particular;

2. Career prospects

Graduating from Business Administration (major in Hospitality Management), students have the opportunity to be recruited for the following positions : middle manager (team leader or higher), members of multinational organizations, business enterprises in Restaurant - Hotel, Resort, Amusement and Entertainment area; Specialist in marketing, sales, event organization, PR in hotel groups, restaurant chains, amusement parks,..,establish their own business brand.
Business Administration – Major in Human Resource Management _ Major code: 7340101

Duration of study:       4 YEARS


1. Introduction

Bachelor of Business Administration major in Human Resource Management is a specialized training program that is built with academic teaching methods combined with practices. The program fully updates necessary business knowledge and skills to help students gain the rights capability to meet the labor market needs, improve human resource / human resource management capacity; as well as to develop individuals, to establish their own businesses, and to ready to work at domestic and foreign enterprises.

Bachelor of Business Administration major in Human Resource Management provides students with the following skills:

Understand the laws and related issues in the field of personnel. Acquire general and in-depth knowledge of personnel, understand the relationship between people and people in organizations and companies. Implement operational administration, personnel - administration, and labor policies. Acquire knowledge related to human resource management, recruitment and personnel training, assessment of staff achievements. Develop skills for effective teamwork, communication, problem-solving, listening ability, working with pressure ability, and artistic leadership. Develop effective personnel recruitment and people management skills.

To be eligible for graduation, students must accumulate and satisfy the program requirements according to the knowledge and skills standards prescribed in the curriculum and meet these expected learning outcomes:

International English certificate IELTS 5.0 or other equivalent certificates.
  • International MOS computer certification (750/1000 points)
  • Informatics Certificate (Word / Excel / Powerpoint)
  • Meet the extracurricular activity scores as required by the program.
  • Comprehend soft skills, professional practice skills.

2. Career prospects

Graduates in Human Resource Management have opportunities to be recruited for the following positions:  training, personnel management, welfare and bonus payroll and to be promoted to the executive, management level in companies and corporations, consultant in the field of human resources. Besides, graduates can gradually take over family business, or jointly start a business to implement their own business idea and strategy.
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