A series of workshop for students with experts from Resource Exchange International (REI)

With the aim of providing students real working cases from experienced experts, the Faculty of Business Administration organized workshops for students with interesting topics such as project management, visual data processing or necessary soft skills for businesses such as teamwork in the company, training in critical thinking at work, interviewing skills, ect. The workshops were presented by experts from Resource Exchange International (REI) on November 19th, 21st and 22nd, 2019 at Ton Duc Thang University.


The REI experts included:

  1. Mr. Kang, James - REI-Vietnam Cross-Cultural Training And Recruiting Specialist;
  2. Mr. Terry McHugh, Former Prudential Global Investment Management - Real Estate Madison;
  3. Ms. Gail Flander Jones – Gallup-certified Strengths Finder coach;
  4. Ms. Cheryl Meredith – Senior Human Resource Executive.

The team of experts performed 7 outstanding workshops with many interesting activities, attracting the participation of many students in 04 majors: Marketing, International Business, Hospitality Management and Human Resource Management.


Topic: “Building an effective teams” - by Gail Jones

Topic: “Emotional Intelligence...success’s key elements” - by Cheryl Meredith

Topic: “Negotiating for success” - by Terry McHugh

Topic: “Appreciating Diversity and Differences to build an Effective Team" -  by James Kang

Topic: “Teaming for high performance” - by Cheryl Meredith


Some photos from the workshops:

Mr. James Kang and students from Human Resource Management major
Ms.Cheryl Meredith and students from Hospitality Management major  
Ms. Gail Jones and students from International Business major
Students in the Q&A session with Ms. Gail Jones - Building Effective Team
Mr.Terrance McHugh with his presentation about Diversity and Differences 
Mr.Terrance McHugh and students from Marketing major
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