Housekeeping Operation Classes Visited Fusion Suite Saigon

To create a chance for students to acknowledge the real working environment at a hotel beside practical classes at university, Faculty of Business Administration and lecturers of Hospitality Department have assist hospitality management student to participate in tours to hotel. On February 21, the 2nd year students of the standard program visited and practiced how to do housekeeping job at Fusion Suite Saigon.
Students were extremely excited to lean and pay attention to each process of housekeeping duties then tried to follow the procedures under the guidance of the staffs at the hotel. One of the students expressed her feeling after this meaningful trip and training session:
““At the beginning, I thought that the duties housekeeping was quite simple, but when I came to the hotel and observed every single steps of tasks then I realized that all steps required professional skills to perform a good job.  My group was led by Ms Han from HR Deapartment. She showed us many places og the hotel. Firstly, we visited Fresh restaurant - a place that served the Buffet and Alacarte to customers. The restaurant had a unique decoration that made the most authentic and created a familiar feeling about Saigon. Next, our group was guided to visit some bedrooms among 74 suite rooms in the hotel. The rooms had simple but modern design and had been well equipped with an integrated kitchen area inside the room which were completely ideal for couples, families or foreign travellers who frequently travelled. Later, Ms. Han reviewed the knowledge of a Housekeeper's cleaning process and gave our group the opportunity to practice making and cleaning up the room. The work at first seems very simple, but when I had practiced, I just feel the meticulousness, skilful as well as highly professional level of this job. At the end of the session we were taken to the most special place of Fusion Suite Saigon which was Spa. Atmosphere here was extremely warm which made visitors feel relaxed and comfortable when they entered the room. Spa was designed based on the idea of transferred therapy color. Therapies would revolve around the use of colors to reflect the emotion, mood, energy and health status of customers to ensure that customers’ bodies and spirit would be completely refresh after long stressful day of work. I found the most interesting thing when I visited here was that the staffs were very enthusiastic. They provided our whole group the best conditions to learn and practice.
This was a very useful training session, we would try to bring all enthusiasm together and knowledge to dedicate to our future job as well as the motto of Fusion Suites Saigon. Through this trip, our group had become more knowledgeable about Fusion Suites and obtained a better vision of the hotel and tourism industry that would help us to have a better orientation to apply to the desired work in the future. Thanks very much to lecturer and Fusion Suites Saigon for assisting our field trip and we hope to have more memorable experiences through practical lessons like this trip”

Students were practicing housekeeping work

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