Talk show about the experience in International market development


As for the high quality program of the Department of International Business, the Faculty of Business Administration always focuses on providing students with knowledge as well as practical skills. In the framework of our academic activities, we usually organize many events such as talk shows, seminars and workshops with the participation of worldly and successful businesspersons.

On 27 May, 2017, the Department of International Business organized a talk show about “Experience in international market development” at Room B205 for sophomores in the high quality classes. The talk show helped students to have more practical experience, and know how to apply their knowledge in reality for the preparation of their upcoming internship.

Mr. Jereco L. Usacdin was the key speaker in the talk show. He is the partner of the Logistics Research and Development Institute cum the Sales Director in Vietnam of Synerbyte Limited Company which is based in Philippines to promote intelligent lighting products in Vietnam.

There were Dr. Pham Thi Ngan, the Head of Department of International Business, Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, the lecturer, and Mr. Tran Chi Dung, Vice President of the Logistics Research and Development Institute.

To begin with, Mr. Jereco gave a brief introduction about the acculturation in the field of international business, and the importance of understanding cultural differences, and codes of business conduct with partners coming from different countries.Image removed.

Mr. Jereco introduced the definition of acculturation and the reasons why we should embrace others’ cultural characteristics.

Next, Mr. Jereco addressed the differences in communicating with business partners in Philippines, Thai Lan, Japan, and China. He also shared his experience when he negotiated with business counterparts from many countries.  

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He shared his culture shocks when he worked in Thai Lan for the first time as well as his solutions to overcome cultural differences in the business context.

Finally, he presented his working experience during 10 years in many large companies, especially about his job in the position of Sales Director in Vietnam market for Synerbyte Limited Company. Students had an insight about how to do the market research, gather data about customers’ tastes, penetrate into the market as well as some notes about importing and exporting lightning products.

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Mr. Jereco talked about his obstacles when he worked in Vietnam and the cultural differences between Vietnam and Philippines.

After the talk show, students acquired knowledge about acculturation which is a new concept in Vietnam. Besides, students had a chance to discuss with Mr. Jereco about differences in business etiquettes among Vietnam and other countries, and to seek inspiration to achieve their career goals.

Other photos taken at the talk show:

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Students eagerly put forward many questions for Mr. Jereco about his education background, career and journey to realize his end goals in the field of international business.

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Mr. Tran Chi Dung introduced the job opportunities in the field of international business in Vietnam.

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Dr. Pham Thi Ngan gave Mr. Jereco the thank you gift from Ton Duc Thang University.

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Students had a photo with Mr. Jereco and Mr. Tran Chi Dung.

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