The First Faculty Student Dialogue in 2023-2024 Academic year

In the morning of August 24, 2023, on the 1st floor of the Gymnasium, the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of Ton Duc Thang University hosted a meeting and dialogue with students for the 2023-2024 academic year to enable students of cohort 24, 25, and 26 greet and meet with the Faculty board members and lecturers.

The meeting was honored to have the participation of Associate Professor. Dr. Pham Thi Minh Ly - Vice Chairwoman of the Council of Ton Duc Thang University, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and PhD. Phung Minh Tuan - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, MComm.. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh - Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and all lecturers of the Faculty of Business Administration. In addition, the Faculty is pleased to welcome the participation of Mr. Vu Manh Hung - Chairman group member, Independent member of Herbalife Nutrition group, Founder of YBFit gym system and Mr. Nguyen Quang Khoa - CEO of Another Beginning Joint Stock Company.

Opening the meeting, Associate Professor. Dr. Pham Thi Minh Ly - Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration reviewed the milestones and successes of the School as well as the Faculty in the past school year. At the same time, she encouraged students to always strive for the best in their studies and training, equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful in the future. Besides, she also set goals for the new school year and wished every member greatest achievements.  

Following the program, in order to instill in students a passion for the profession, Mr. Nguyen Quang Khoa - CEO of Another Beginning Joint Stock Company is a K17 alumni in Marketing and Mr. Vu Manh Hung - Group member President of Herbalife Nutrition Group, Founder of YBFit gym system, Class of 2008-2011 alumni of the Business Administration major who has brought valuable experience in work and life to help students realize and gain more motivation. on the journey to conquer the pinnacle of his career.

At the end of the program was time for Youth Union - Faculty Association and Clubs/Teams/Groups including the Youth Union - Faculty of Business Administration, Communication Team of SBA Faculty of Business Administration , BAC-IB, BAC-Marketing, BAC- HOSPITALITY, BAC-HRM, BAC-MIC, FMC, Start up club.

Through this meeting, FBA students had the opportunity to discuss with the Faculty board, lecturers in the department, clubs/teams and especially the two speakers Mr. Vu Manh Hung and Mr. Nguyen Quang. Department. Perhaps, after this meeting students become more confident and energetic to kick-start a new school year.  Wishing everyone a 2023-2024 academic year a bundle of joy and success.

Photos from the event:

DT 1

Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty express the gratitude for the participation of 2 alumni

DT 2

Faculty board and all lecturers 

DT 3

Students in the Q&A session with the Faculty

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