Workshop: “Startup - Dreams Activated”

On the afternoon of May 18, 2024, the Workshop "Startup - Dreams Activated" organized by the Department of International Business , took place extremely successfully with the enthusiastic presence of Ton Duc Thang University student.

It is truly a pleasure to have the participation and sharing from experienced speakers:

  1. Mr. Võ Hoàng Nam - Former Co-founder, CTO at Fundiin;
  2. Mr. Hoàng Đình Tuấn - Founder & CEO at Men Stay Simplicity.

With their practical experience and engaging way of speaking, the two speakers gave the students a clearer view of their startup dreams and the difficulties they had to face. From there, helping students master necessary but also very important skills will create great momentum for future startups.

And the extremely meaningful message "Dare to cope with failure to succeed" also closed the seminar completely and provided great motivation to students who are cherishing their start-up ideas.



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