Facilities, modern teaching and learning methods

The Creative Building comprises 11 floors dedicated to specialized education in Industrial Fine Arts, Architecture, and Electrical - Electronics. With a state-of-the-art equipment system ranging from lecture halls to design simulation rooms, illustration rooms, sewing workshops, studios, and fashion showrooms, students have ample opportunities to unleash their creativity in this professional environment. Especially, a Solar Energy Station installed on the rooftop meets the monthly electricity consumption needs of two buildings at the university. It serves as a visual teaching model for the Renewable Energy sector, a unique field in Vietnam.

The Language Creative Building consists of 6 floors fully equipped to serve teaching, learning, and academic activities in various languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. Adopting the teaching technology of English skills with an impact on brain function and unlocking language potential in each individual through the Little UK program, the building is continuously updated to enhance the quality of English language skills in the coming years.

The "Inspiring Library" was designed by TDTU professors and students following a collaborative learning space model with a 24/7 self-study area and 7 floors painted in seven basic colors, each named differently. The library is divided into specialized areas, including group study areas, areas for 2-3 people, individual study areas, film viewing, relaxation, studio, and specialized areas for the courses currently offered by the university. This is the number one modern library in Vietnam, and Prof. Nguyen Van Tuan once said it is number one in the region as well, stating that there are devices and equipment he "has never seen in his lifetime."

The library is the academic heart of the university. It is invested in significantly and seriously, modern, comprehensive, and available anytime, anywhere to provide the optimal teaching and learning conditions for teachers and students. This sets a high standard, claiming that the main campus of TDTU is a world-class university campus.

The International Education Center serves research, teaching, and learning for foreign professors, experts, and international students. Notably, one cannot miss the "Miniature England" on the 1st floor of this building, offering practical English learning experiences to develop critical thinking and essential skills to become global citizens. The International Education Center is the gateway for TDTU and students to connect with the TOP 500 universities worldwide, expanding each individual's learning and working horizons to places without limits.

The 5-star dormitory consists of two 11-story blocks built with beautiful, harmonious architectural designs and full-service amenities: supermarket, bookstore, photocopying, laundry room, canteen, etc. Surrounding it are a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and volleyball court, meeting all the accommodation, study, and entertainment needs of resident students in a green, clean, and healthy environment. Each room meets the standard, with each student allocated a separate set of furniture, including a bed, wardrobe, study desk, etc. The three-compartment bathroom can be used for bathing, washing, and cleaning at the same time.

The multi-purpose sports hall with a modern mobile grandstand system, seating up to 3,000 people, and a central air-conditioning system, is ready to host national and international tournaments. Students can choose from any of the 23 sports to train discipline, teamwork spirit, and teamwork skills in this sports hall. Besides swimming, which is mandatory, almost every student plays a sport. This international-standard sports hall and the football field are the best physical education facilities in the country. Even specialized sports schools do not have a better field system than TDTU; and among non-specialized sports universities, TDTU's field system is the most complete and standard, showing that the university particularly emphasizes holistic human development, enabling its graduates to succeed anywhere in the world.

The FIFA 2-star standard stadium with 7,000 seats and a modern lighting system with a brightness intensity of 1200lux meets the live broadcasting needs for night national and international tournaments.

The swimming pool is built on an area of ​​778.5 m2, with a water surface area of ​​13.5m x 25m with 6 lanes, capable of accommodating up to 100 students for teaching and learning simultaneously. The pool uses the Intelí Ozon Waterco Filtration water filtration system, which operates on traditional principles combined with modern improvements, ensuring no pipe cracks and creating a perfect filtration system vastly superior to conventional systems, providing the highest efficiency for the pool.

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