International academic program outcomes

At TDTU, students study with undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are either entirely imported (with adjustments to comply with Vietnamese regulations) or developed to match the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the world's top 100 universities (according to THE and/or QS) in their chosen field. The curriculum itself is a prerequisite to ensure real integration with the world.

The sufficient conditions are that students work under the guidance of a team of scientists, lecturers, and experienced entrepreneurs; many of whom are leading scientists from abroad, and many professors have doctoral degrees from overseas. The learning environment at TDTU is encouraged and required to use English regularly; third and fourth-year major subjects are taught in English with the main textbooks and reference materials entirely in English. Students are encouraged to transfer campuses and study abroad from short to long term (from a few weeks to 1-2 years); to study at businesses; to undergo a professional internship semester at a company as a real employee; to participate in research activities with researchers (in key research groups), to engage in support and service for international conferences (regularly organized at TDTU); and to attend professional training courses with international students, collaborate with foreign students, etc., to constantly rub shoulders with the methods and working styles of experts and foreign students. All of these create an environment that trains human resources according to international standards, enabling students to practice like foreign students; to develop themselves independently, ready to change and adjust themselves well as a true global citizen from their time at TDTU. Therefore, the knowledge, skills, expertise, and working methods of the students are not much different from those of regional and global students.

Furthermore, the English proficiency standards (according to international TOEIC and IELTS) are increasingly rising; the standard for office computing skills must be the MOS Certificate from Certiport-USA; students are emphasized on presentation skills, reporting, and debate to express their viewpoints and opinions confidently; the opportunities they want to exchange.

Students are also taught to have an "always ready" attitude towards everything and every opportunity; to have a "grateful heart" for every opportunity brought by others, by TDTU, and society to have good moral living and good development together with everyone, in all circumstances.

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