Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education

The undergraduate and postgraduate education programs at TDTU are referenced and implemented according to the current curricula of the TOP 100 universities worldwide. From curriculum outlines, teaching methods, reference materials systems to evaluation methods, all are meticulously and coherently developed to enhance learning effectiveness and help students keep up with professional requirements in the era of globalization.

Many courses are taught in English; students are given the opportunity to study and intern abroad from one semester to two years in certain majors. On-the-job training at companies is mandatory for professional courses and apprenticeships, and some other subjects are conducted across all majors.

The general philosophy in TDTU's teaching activities is to maximize students' creativity, hone self-learning skills and exploratory thinking, research, not confined to textbooks and lectures; the curriculum must closely relate to what is happening in the real world, within their profession. Therefore, training in enterprises, off-campus training, and on-the-job training in society's real environment are fundamental principles. This approach allows students to understand the world, globalization, global labor standards, and "what is integration?" early on; international student exchange programs, internships abroad, and studying abroad for at least one month or one semester during their time at TDTU are also mandatory.

The program's outcomes are internationalized and improved in all aspects. Besides professional expertise and good ethics, TDTU bachelor's and engineer students must achieve an IELTS score of 5.0 or TOEIC score of 500; Office Computing skills with 750/1,000 MOS and a continuous 50m swimming certificate. Statistics for 2016: 98.15% and for 2017: 99.3% of TDTU students had jobs within one year after graduation. Since 2017, all majors at TDTU commit to parents and students that 100% of graduates will find employment. TDTU graduates are consistently evaluated by employers to possess "professional ethics" in the sense of "discipline, integrity, compliance with laws and regulations of the institution, courtesy, diligence, and responsibility". Moreover, since 2014, the teaching quality and student achievements at TDTU have been recognized by QS-Star (UK) with a 4-star out of 5-star rating.

After World War II, Japan mandated its universities to study and teach according to the standard programs of the TOP 20, 30 universities worldwide. At that time, there was not without opposition from many, including some reputable and honest educators. However, 40 years later, Japan's miraculous development has proven that the policy on higher education and vocational training was correct. To date, only TDTU in Vietnam adheres to what Japanese universities have been doing since the 1940s and 1950s.

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