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In August 2019, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) announced the ranking results of the best universities: Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) ranked first in Vietnam and 901-1000 globally.

Currently, there are many university rankings, but the ARWU by Shanghai Jiao Tong University is considered the most rigorous and demanding academic ranking system and, therefore, the most prestigious today.

A highlight of ARWU is its objectivity in evaluation. ARWU does not rely on subjective data provided by the universities themselves; importantly, it does not rely on surveys like other university ranking systems, but collects data based on global databases.

The fact that Vietnam has for the first time a university ranked by the reputable and objective ARWU like TDTU is a great honor for the country; marking a significant milestone for the development of Vietnam's education system. ARWU has been ranking for 16 years, but only this year (2019) did Vietnam have a university listed in this ranking.

Previously, in April 2019, THE (Times Higher Education) released the University Impact Rankings, which evaluates universities' contributions to sustainable economic and social development globally: TDTU ranked 101-200; notably in the criteria: Sustainable cities and communities, Global partnerships, Climate action: ranked 60-70 globally.

In February 2019, the Web of Science database (Clarivate, USA) announced the scientific and technological results for the three-year period (2016-2018). TDTU was the only representative from Vietnam ranked in the Top 25 leading research institutions in the ASEAN region. Web of Science is a traditional database that statistically analyzes research publications in the world's leading journals (often referred to as ISI). This result indicates that in terms of science, technology, and the creation of new knowledge, TDTU not only ranks first in Vietnam but also stands shoulder to shoulder with prestigious universities in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

In November 2018, the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) organization announced the ranking of the top 2,500 universities in the world for 2018-2019. According to this ranking, TDTU ranked second in Vietnam and 1,422nd globally. URAP uses scientific data from Web of Sciences independently, with an objective evaluation method; the criteria for the quantity and quality of scientific publications are the most heavily weighted in the ranking results.

In October 2018, QS World University Rankings (UK) ranked TDTU at 291-300 in the TOP 500 leading universities in Asia (QS Asia University Rankings).

These rankings, despite some differences in objectives and evaluation criteria, continue to affirm the quality of education and innovative research at TDTU, which has achieved international standards, comparable to prestigious universities worldwide, and has surpassed many long-established universities in the region.

Therefore, studying and working at TDTU is the most correct, effective, and wise choice. As a young public university, not funded or invested by the state budget, TDTU has grown independently and self-sufficiently. In just 22 years, it has surpassed most other public universities in Vietnam with a history of 40, 50, or 60 years and has received substantial investment and funding from the state budget. It is clear that TDTU has chosen the right direction, set accurate goals, and managed the university with quality and efficiency. There is great potential for the future and promising success for TDTU and its members, including faculty, staff, and students; thus, it will shine even brighter in the future.

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