Professional and competent human resources

As of December 2017, TDTU has over 1,320 faculty and staff members; among them, more than 200 are foreign professors and doctors. The professional workforce with a Ph.D. degree or those in the process of obtaining a Ph.D. (currently Ph.D. candidates) accounts for over 50%, and the goal is to reach 85% of the total Ph.D. or professional workforce by 2021.

Most of the postgraduate workforce has been trained abroad at universities within the TOP 500 in the world; hence, their expertise is new, updated, and always in line with global development needs. The workforce is categorized into three groups: lecturers, research lecturers, and researchers; among them, more than 200 researchers are concentrated in 49 Key Research Groups. At TDTU, educational activities always go hand in hand with innovative research and innovation. Therefore, the curriculum and educational content closely follow the requirements for human resources in the global era. As the professional workforce continues to grow, the educational and scientific-technological output requirements are also raised annually. This strong professional team is the key foundation for TDTU ranking second nationwide and aiming to be first in the coming years; as well as a solid basis to ensure that students at TDTU will achieve global standards and qualifications after their years of study here.

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