International Cultural Exchange Festival 2018

On Sep 22nd, 2018, FBA organized “International Cultural Exchange Festival 2018”, at TDTU Saigon campus. This festival is a special activity within the International Week’s framework, which provided a useful and attractive playground for students to learn, experience and exchange their cultures.

The festival attracted a lot of students, especially the participation of international students from different countries such as Thailand, Laos, Germany, South Korea and so on. Participating in this event, students can immerse into so many exciting activities such as booth decorations, costume and traditional songs performances, and traditional food exchange. The festival is not only an opportunity for students to capture unforgettable moments, but they also can improve the communication skills by using English. The Faculty of Business Administration’s “International Cultural Exchange Festival 2018” also promoted our TDTU’s brand image and its reputation to the International friends and colleagues over the globe.

Some images from the “ICEF” Festival:




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