Module 2: “Hiểu” - Mentoring “Sóng” 2024 Project

From April 12th to April 26th, 2024, within the framework of the Mentoring “Sóng" 2024 Project, the Faculty of Business Administration of Ton Duc Thang University organized an online workshop series under the Module 2: "Hiểu".

Module 2: "Hiểu" embarks students on a journey of self-discovery through a comprehensive knowledge base provided by experienced lectures, guest speakers, and exploratory testing tools like MBTI and DISC, etc. This module empowers students to effectively position and manage themselves in the dynamic information age.

The program included 3 workshops with the delivery speech of the following speakers: Master Dinh Kim Nghia, Master Phung Tin Trung and Dr. To Nhi A. These insightful sharing sessions took place online, drawing a large audience of project Mentees and Ton Duc Thang University students.

Session 1 (April 12th, 2024): “Positioning Yourself” - Mr Dinh Kim Nghia. The guest speaker shared comprehensive knowledge and his valuable practical experiences from large corporations in the fields of study offered by the Faculty of Business Administration, including Marketing, International Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management, and Human Resource Management.  This provided students with the opportunity to gain a deeper approach and understanding the relevance and importance of the major they are pursuing.

Session 2 (April 19th, 2024): “Managing Yourself” - Mr. Phung Tin Trung. The workshop went beyond guiding students in self-reflection through the question "Who am I? Who is me?" and opened up a new perspective on self-management methods. The speaker helped students answer questions about self-management as well as guided them in building a  suitable personal brand in today's era.

Session 3 (April 26th, 2024): “EQ in the Information Era” - Dr. To Nhi A. In the final session of Module 2, the speaker brought profound knowledge on the crucial role of EQ in the current era, where information technology and artificial intelligence are changing our daily life. In a world with overwhelming information, the ability to filter and discern information has become increasingly essential. During the section, students were provided with the knowledge to be able to select and absorb information in a reasonable and scientific manner through media platforms.

Module 2 of the Mentoring “Sóng" project officially ended with insightful lessons and meaningful sharing in self-positioning, self-management, and self-development with the enthusiastic participation of more than 320 students of Ton Duc Thang University. This milestone marks the spread and attracts the attention and support of the students in the meaningful journey of the Mentoring “Sóng" 2024 project.


Module 2 - "Hiểu" comprised a series of three online sharing sessions featuring speakers: Master Dinh Kim Nghia, Dr. To Nhi A, and Master Phùng Tín Trung (left to right)


Under the dedicated guidance of Mr. Phung Tin Trung, students find their answer to the question "Why should we manage ourselves?" during the 2nd workshop.


 Valuable sharing about balancing emotions with the active participation of students in the workshop on "EQ in the Information Era" by Dr. To Nhi A

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