After more than two months of competition, on November 16th, the final round of the competition “Logistics Arena 2018” is held at the Conference Hall 6B of Ton Duc Thang university. Overcoming over 700 contestants from all universities and colleges in the HCM City, the top 4 teams of the most talented contestants were revealed: 

-   ATHENIS team from Ton Duc Thang University;
-  TEAM X is a combination of two University of Transport and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City;
-  INSANE TRIP team from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City;
-  LALALAND team from International University - Vietnam National University.

The final round was very exciting with the participation of:
- Nguyen Van Thien - Director of Nhat Thieng Company,
- Nguyen Thi Thu Hien - Branch Director of Delta International Company Limited;
- Ms. Dang Thi Chau Ngoc - Top CV.
- TS. Pham Thi Minh Ly - Dean of Faculty of Business Administration - Ton Duc Thang University
- Teachers, Faculty of Business Administration and more than 500 fans from universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

To create the success of the competition, we was pleased to receive the participation of the judges who have experienced experts in the field of Logistics & Supply Chain to decided: Who will be the champion of this year's competition?
1. Mr. Tran Chi Dung - Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board of VILAS
2. Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh - Deputy Director of Hoangha International Logistics
3. Mr. Truong Tan Loc - Director of Tan Cang - STC
4. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoang Tung - Region Distribution Center Manager of Amway Vietnam
5. Ms. Pham Thi Ngan - Head of Department of International Business
    To start the program, TS. Pham Thi Minh Ly - Dean of Business Administration - Ton Duc Thang University sent his gratitude to the juries, sponsors, media sponsors for supporting and accompanying the competition during the past time. And wish the teams to perform well in their exams.

     And most of all, with the breakthrough innovation in the format of the "Logistics 2018" competition, this year with only one round of competition, we have seen the presentation and critical reviewers come from the examination team. Moreover, with this innovation, the contestants of the team must show their own master of the stage when present the answer and solution of their team to convince the judges and protesters and directly compete with other teams. The presence of 4 teams with 4 different cassava colors has burned up the spirit of the younger generation with passion burning, determined to be able to bring the highest throne.

With their careful preparation, the teams have been very enthusiastic about the hot topics and have received a lot of attention from industry experts on logistics that have made the board Fans come all the way to this surprise with innovative solutions, new approaches. This year's four teams have proven themselves worthy of being the best candidates for the 2018 Logistics Contest.

And with talent, persuasiveness, courage and courage, ATHENIS team from Ton Duc Thang University excelled in winning the title for the team. The distance between the top two team is extremely narrow. Even though the ATHENIS team are young students, they have shown very well, demonstrating the spirit, talent and spirit of the team to everyone. The success of the ATHENIS in the presentation last night was extremely worthwhile. Once again, congratulations to ATHENIS team for winning the "Logistics 2018" competition.

Throughout the process, the organizers have seen a lot of maturity in the competition, not only in terms of expertise but also in terms of professionalism. The organizers believe that all contestants are winners in the spirit of solidarity, because of the knowledge and experience you have accumulated after the competition. The organizers hope that you will always keep their enthusiasm and passion with the logistics industry to be able to shine more and become successful people in the future.

For the success of the program, the organizers of the contest would like to sincerely send their gratitude to experts who are professional advisors, Jury Council, Vilas - content sponsor, Public Tan Cang STC Human Resource Development Co., Ltd, Delta International Co., Ltd, Nhat Thieng Co., Ltd, sponsors and training units, consultants, the same program, and especially the candidate groups. Sincerely thank!

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