Kinh doanh quốc tế_100% Tiếng Anh_CĐR 2020

  1. Tên ngành (Major in):                            Mã ngành (Code): F7340120
  • Tên ngành tiếng Việt:  Kinh doanh quốc tế
  • Tên ngành tiếng Anh: International Business
  1. Trình độ (Level): Đại học                      Hình thức (Mode of study): chính quy
  2. Văn bằng (Degree): Cử nhân
  3. Mục tiêu của chương trình đào tạo (Programme Objectives - POs)

3-5 years upon successful completion of an English-taught Bachelor of International Business, graduates will be able to:

  • PO1: Acquire general knowledge about business administration and professional knowledge in the field of international business; plan, design, implement and manage business plans or projects related to international trade, international marketing, global logistics and supply chain management;
  • PO2: Pursuit higher education and proceed to life-long learning with the ability to apply in-depth knowledge about scientific research methods, advanced science and technology applications, demonstrate creativity and progressive spirit in learning and working;
  • PO3: Comprehend a strong professional knowledge, ability to work indepedently and collaboratively, highly disciplined, socially responsible and able to adapt well to the dynamic global environment.
  1. Chuẩn đầu ra của chương trình (Expected learning Outcomes- ELOs)

Nhóm các ELOs

Mô tả

Mô tả các ELOs

General knowledge


General knowledge of political theory, natural and social sciences, technology

ELO1: Apply appropriately knowledge of political reasoning; natural sciences; social sciences and technology for life-long learning and research.

Specialized knowledge

Major-specific knowledge and principles

ELO2: Apply the basic knowledge of economics, business administration and specifically international business related to effectively and quickly adapt and intergrate;

ELO3: Analyze the process of organizing work performance in the enterprise on the basis of applying fundamental and specialized knowledge to perform international

Professional skills

The skill enables graduates to successfully fulfill professional-related job requirements

ELO4: Implement a business plan in line with practical requirements through the application of general, specialised and multidisciplinary knowledge, apreciation of the development trends related to international business.

Generic skills

Soft skills related to foreign languages, information technology, logical thinking and creative thinking; Communication skills and teamwork

ELO5:  Demonstrate a combination of soft skills: foreign language competency (minimum of IETLS 6.0 or equivalent); Information Tecnology skill (minimum MOS 750); Interpersonal skills, teamwork, time management, goal management; Logical thinking, creative thinking and professional skills to identify and solve business problems with an emphasis on global integration and sustainable development.

Attitude and awareness

Attitudes and professional ethics; responsibility and devotion to work

ELO6: Exhibit attributes of a global citizen: appreciate cultural diversity; work in accordance with the laws and regulations of the enterprise; value professionalism and dedication, be socially responsible with a collective spirit.

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