Business Administration – Major in International Business_ Standard Program

1. Overview of the program


International business today is increasing its importance thus students must be trained for general knowledge of business administration and professional knowledge in international business areas, especially in the presence of WTO and CPTPP. Learners will also develop capabilities in international investment, logistics and international transport, international payment, international marketing, and international business strategy planning.

The curriculum of Bachelor of International Business is consulted from world’s ranking universities. Teaching staffs emphasize on practical experience and research ability. Specialized modules are taught by experts from famous agencies, research institutes and businesses in Vietnam and abroad. The professional subjects are designed with high practicality, and with the support and advice from Vietnam Logistic Research and Development Institute, VCCI and some reputable businesses such as Tan Cang - STC, ITL company.

Career Opportunities

International business graduates can work at: multinational corporations, market research organizations, industry associations, trade promotion centers, universities in international business field,etc..

Specifically, there are opportunities to be recruited into the vacancy positions such as: Export and import specialists; Logistics Management Specialist; Specialist in Financial Management and Supply Chain Management in the global environment and other important functional positions in the international business environment.


2. Learning outcomes of the program

The Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) is the starting point of the curriculum design process and is built according to a rigorous, scientific process in which it reflects the vision and mission of the university and faculties and is suitable to the course objectives and meets the needs of stakeholders.

The ELOs will be concretized according to the principle of "directional compatibility" in step-by-step subjects to help learners gain professional qualifications & skills in knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional responsibilities after completing the training program. The content of the program also enhances group work activities, training habits of active self-studies and creative thinking for students to be proactive and ready for development opportunities.

The ELOs are committed by the University to students, society and published on the Website.

.>> LO 2015 ; LO 2018

3. The undergraduate programme

The curriculum is a system of theoretical and practical knowledge that is designed synchronously with the method of teaching, learning and evaluating learning outcomes to ensure learners accumulate knowledge, gain the necessary competencies according to the published expected learning outcomes corresponding to the university level. The curriculum of Ton Duc Thang University is built in a way that is compatible with the program of the world's TOP 100 universities according to the rankings of QS and THE but is adjusted to suit the conditions and realty in Vietnam and the training target of Ton Duc Thang University.

Periodically, the university reviews and evaluates the curriculum to ensure that the students meet the requirements of society in terms of professionalism after graduation as well as update the changes in technology and new business methods, etc. This process has the full participation of key stakeholders including scientists, employers, alumni, students, and lecturers. The TOP 100 program has been delivered by the university since 2015 to train human resources to meet the labor market and global integration trend, to help students to be more active and self-study, to approach the latest training approaches in the world.

The curriculums are published to students through student portal and on the website.

>> Curriculum 2015; Curriculum 2018


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